StackStreams allows you to stream events, build and service logs, and test/task results in real time when the Garden CLI is running in watch mode.

In the gif above, we start Garden in watch mode and then run an end-to-end test. With StackStreams we can observe how the test triggers events across this distributed system.

With StackStreams you can stream:

  • Garden events,

  • build logs,

  • service logs,

  • task results,

  • and test results...

...for all your modules.


Simply start the Garden CLI in watch mode. E.g. by running garden dev or by adding the --watch|-w flag to any command, say garden deploy -w.

When you open Garden Cloud in your browser you should now see a "Go to session" button on the top navigation bar.

Every time you see this button you'll know that the Garden CLI is in watch mode and "connected" to your Garden Cloud instance.

Clicking the button will take you to the corresponding namespace detail page where you'll see the StackStreams icon.

Click the icon to open the StackStreams modal and select the sources you would like to stream logs from.

You can stream all your logs in a single pane like in the screenshot above or open multiple log panes side-by-side. In a given pane you can stream logs from any number of sources.

Aligning log panes side-by-side can be useful to observe how information flows through your system.

In the screenshot below you can e.g. see the output from an end-to-end test in the left most pane and the services affected next to it.

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