Updating Garden Enterprise

You can update and/or reconfigure Garden Enterprise via the Replicated admin console.

Start the Admin Console

Before proceeding, make sure you have your Kubernetes context set to the context of the cluster that runs Garden Enterprise (you can also pass it as an option to kubectl via the --context flag).

To start the admin console, run:

kubectl kots admin-console -n garden-enterprise

If you installed Garden Enterprise into a different namespace, adjust the command appropriately.

Follow the link from the command output to access the console in your browser.

Update Garden Enterprise

Due to a current limitation of the admin console, configuration changes will always be applied to the most recent existing version of Garden Enterprise, regardless of whether or not that version has been deployed. If you only want to change the configuration of an existing version, and not deploy a new version, you should not click the Check for update button.

Note also that Replicated will automatically check for updates at an interval. See below for disabling that behavior.

If you only need to change your Garden Enterprise configuration, go to the Config page in the admin console and make the appropriate changes. Once you've saved your changes, Replicated will create a new release of Garden Enterprise that you can deploy from the Version history page.

If you want to deploy the latest version of Garden Enterprise, click the blue Check for update button on the admin console main page. If found, the new version will appear on the Version history page.

Whether you're changing the configuration for the currently deployed version of Garden Enterprise, or updating Garden Enterprise, the latest release should now be visible on the Version history page.

From there, you can compare it against any previous release by clicking the Diff versions button:

Select the versions you want to compare and click the diff button again:

When you're ready to deploy the new version, simply click the blue Deploy button on that version from the Version history page.

Disable Automatic Update Checks

The admin console will automatically check for updates at a certain interval. If a new version is found, you won't be able to make configuration changes to the currently deployed version without also deploying the latest version. This is a known limitation of the admin console and the Replicated team is already working to fix this.

In the meantime, you might want to consider disabling the automatic check for updates. To do that, go to the Version history page and click the gear icon next to the blue Check for update button:

Next set the value of the Cron expression to @never and click Update:

From now on, the admin console will only look for new versions of Garden Enterprise when you manually check for updates.

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