One-click Preview Environments

Preview Environments are branch specific namespaces that are created from the Cloud UI. You can create those from the Preview Environments tabs in the Project page.
These type of environments are useful when you don't want to set-up automatic deployment from CI or to give users the ability to spin-up production like previews of the application on-demand. This might be relevant for a user who does not have access to the code of your project or your cloud provider or to someone who is not familiar with the steps required to spin up an environment from the CLI.

To be able to effortlessly create preview environment you'll need to go through few configuration steps to allow Garden Cloud to connect to your cluster and to deploy to dynamically created namespaces.

Garden Cloud needs to be able to authenticate to your providers. Please follow the Authenticating to your providers guide to set this up.

Garden Cloud exposes an environment variable called GARDEN_RUN_NUMBER which can be used to template hostnames, namespaces and the likes.
Here's an example configuration to use the variable to setup a namespace and hostname for Preview Environments.
kind: Project
name: vote-demo
defaultEnvironment: dev
id: <garden-cloud-id>
domain: https://<garden-cloud-hostname>
# We template the GARDEN_RUN_NUMBER in the prev-env-name
prev-env-name: vote-demo-preview-${local.env.GARDEN_RUN_NUMBER}
- name: preview
# We use the variable above to set the namespace
defaultNamespace: ${var.prev-env-name}
# We set a new variable to template the hostname for our ingress
base-hostname: ${var.prev-env-name}
kind: Module
name: vote
type: container
- name: vote
args: [npm, run, serve]
- name: http
containerPort: 8080
- path: /
port: http
# We reference the templated variable here
hostname: vote.${variables.base-hostname}
- api

To create a new Preview Environment, please select the branch you want to deploy and a Garden environment where you want to deploy your project to.
Garden Cloud will proceed to schedule a Runner which will run garden deploy against your chosen branch and environment.
Create Environment
Environment Creating
Environment Created

To update a Preview Environment, please click the Update icon for your Environment in the list.
Garden Cloud will proceed to schedule a Runner which will run garden deploy for the branch and environment that you choose originally.
Updating Environment

To delete a Preview Environment, please click the Delete icon for your Environment in the list.
Garden Cloud will proceed to schedule a Runner which will run garden delete for the branch and environment that you originally chosen.
Environment Delete - Confirm
Environment Deleting

You might find the deploy fails with a similar message:
Authentication to cluster failed
Authentication to cluster failed - Logs
Please check and re-test your Authentication method, making sure the secrets used in the initialization scripts are correctly stored in Garden Cloud.
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